As banks, building societies and other high street lenders continue to tighten their criteria, it can prove difficult to open doors to lenders who are actually willing to listen. If you currently have bad credit, AJBM understand how disheartening it can be when door after door is closed, and though securing a mortgage with poor or adverse credit is challenging; it’s certainly not impossible. AJBM has developed strong relationships with lenders who specialise in bad credit applications and who understand that life today is just not that simple for some. The days of “computer say’s no” are starting to fade and the Specialist market, whilst complicated, is growing. AJBM will take the time to understand your unique situation and, using our strong relationships within this sector, are well placed to arrange a suitable mortgage product that you’re unlikely to find direct. This sector is often referred to as sub-prime lending or adverse credit mortgages and we are uniquely positioned to keep your dreams of buying a home well and truly alive.