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Top-Slicing – Overcome Weak Rental Yields to Increase Your Mortgage Borrowing Ability

Updated: 21 Nov 2023 | Posted in: Buy to Let Mortgages

Are diminishing rental yields limiting your Buy-to-Let mortgage capacity? In the realm of Buy-to-Let mortgages, affordability is crucial, assessed by balancing rental income against the interest on the mortgage. Regulatory guidelines mandate lenders to ensure expected rental income falls within 125% – 145% of a notional interest rate. Recent increases in mortgage rates have constrained […]

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Anticipating Mortgage Rate Cuts Amidst Falling Inflation

Updated: 15 Nov 2023 | Posted in: Mortgage Rates

The UK mortgage market is set for a potential shakeup as inflation today hit a two-year low, dropping to 4.6%. This news follows rate cuts by major lenders HSBC and Halifax, leading mortgage brokers to predict an imminent “all-out rate war.” The drop in inflation, largely attributed to decreasing energy prices, has also influenced Swap […]

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Unlocking the Potential of Your Property: A Guide to releasing equity through remortgaging

Updated: 3 Nov 2023 | Posted in: Remortgage

At Aston James Bespoke Mortgages, we understand that your home is not just a place to live but also an investment. If you’ve paid off a significant portion of your mortgage or your property’s value has appreciated, you’ve likely built up a substantial amount of equity in your home. Remortgaging to release equity can be a viable option to access additional funds for various purposes, such as home improvements, debt consolidation, or supporting your children’s education. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider the benefits and costs associated with this financial move.

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Bespoke Self-Employed Mortgage Advice

Updated: 2 Nov 2023 | Posted in: Self Employed Mortgage

When it comes to securing a mortgage, especially as a self-employed individual, you’re often faced with a sea of options and complexities. Finding a local mortgage broker who understands the intricacies of lenders’ self-employed criteria is essential, but what sets Aston James Bespoke Mortgages apart is our unique approach. We go the extra mile by […]

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Don’t Let Your First Mortgage Payment Be A Surprise: What to Expect

Updated: 30 Oct 2023 | Posted in: Mortgage Payments

Congratulations, you’ve secured your new mortgage, and it’s time to embark on your homeownership journey! However, you might notice that your first monthly payment isn’t exactly what you expected it to be, and you may be wondering why. Let’s explore this common scenario and shed light on what’s happening behind the scenes when you complete […]

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Navigating Mortgage Rate Hikes: What You Need to Know

Updated: 30 Oct 2023 | Posted in: Mortgage Products

In recent times, the UK mortgage market has witnessed a significant shift. With the surge in inflation and an unprecedented increase in mortgage rates, homeowners across the nation are bracing themselves for a financial challenge. UK Finance estimates that approximately 1.6 million fixed-rate mortgages are set to end in 2024. Most of these mortgages were […]

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Maximising Your Mortgage Potential When You Are Self-Employed, A Partner, Or A Limited Company Director

Updated: 21 Jul 2023 | Posted in: Self Employed Mortgage

If you or your partner are self-employed and looking to secure a mortgage, this comprehensive guide will show you how to present yourself as an attractive candidate to lenders. While applying for a self-employed mortgage may seem daunting, with the right approach, you can access a wider range of lenders and borrowing options. Our expert […]

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Understanding Mortgage Options: Fixed Rate vs. Tracker vs. Discounted Variable Rate Mortgages

Updated: 19 Jul 2023 | Posted in: Mortgage Products

A guide to understanding the differences between 3 of the most common mortgage product types on the market When it comes to financing your dream home, choosing the right mortgage can significantly impact your financial future. With various options available, it’s essential to understand the key differences, pros, and cons of each type of mortgage. […]

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